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Cambodian Traditional Food

September 24, 2011 by


Written by Chân Sovannara Since the culture of Cambodia and her neighbor countries including Thailand, Lao and Vietnam are similar, many things are extracted from one another. Cambodian food is also confused with the appearance of food from neighbouring countries. “Seen from the outside of Cambodian food without observation, Cambodian dishes are confused as Laos, […]

Cambodian-Thai Exchange Program (CTEP) 2011

September 9, 2011 by


Initiative of Change Association, Cambodia in collaboration with Thai Volunteer Service, Thailand invites Thai youths interested in growing, love, peace and friendship with Cambodian youths, age 18-35 to participate in the Cambodia – Thailand Exchange Program (CTEP): Let’s Live and Learn Together during 7-13 November 2011 in Sihanouk Ville, Cambodia. This youth camp aims to […]

Apply for the Sarus Exchange Program

September 6, 2011 by


“We want to create friendships and increase understanding between Cambodians and Vietnamese. We want common ground to be discovered. We want students to build the bridge, cross the river, and explore the other side with an open mind. And with that, if we can encourage leadership skills, broaden knowledge of both countries, nurture English language […]

Criticism and Discrimination in Cambodia

August 26, 2011 by


Piece by Mesa Lang Image from Eddie~S Fat, queer, black, or short are common adjectives people in Cambodia are using to describe other people of so-called “being that type.” While in so many countries in the world, especially America, people are considering those words as serious hate crime and bullying, people in Cambodia still think […]