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Banung Ou is learning about and working in the media industry. She loves people and blogs at Green Life.

Mesa Lang is a novel-lover majoring in media and communication. He used to have problem with talking to people and therefore were forced by his parents to do this major. After studying for a while, he loves what he is doing, speaking and writing for changes. His random daily activities and opinions can be found at

Chân Sovannara graduated with a degree in media management and also a degree in English. He is also interested in the movement of media and communication. His skills related to English, writing news article, producing radio program, producing short video, designing, taking photo, communication, and research. His perspective is “looking positive makes good will including living with honesty, helpfulness, happiness, peacefulness, and equity”. He also enjoys blogging at I share as his hobby.


Kinanti Desyva aka Desyva loves to read and write (but often makes typos). Her killing time-dos: going to random places and taking pictures with my Holga. What keeps her sane is being with people. Her fictions, opinions and things that she likes can be found at hyper mambo.




Cindi Loo is always in a dilemma. She does not believe in her writing skills even though she prides on it, that’s why she must keep learning the essence of text expressions. She also loves her rock (specifically indie rock) and photography (still a novice). She does not like deciding what her stories sound like, so she’ll let you decide if she’s a deep philosopher or simply an arrogant hipster through her stories. She tumbles at Random Nostalgia.

Kang Soon Chen believes that she has mild OCD for matching hangers with her clothes. Otherwise, she thinks she is a fairly normal twenty-something who goes through the humdrum of work and yeay, thank God it’s Friday motion. She loves to escape into the imaginary world of fiction but she can never write fiction. She used to blog at If I were to teach again… when she was a student.




Erwin Oliva is past his prime. But he will and is  forever be young [at heart]. He loves writing, reading, and guitar. He is a journalist and will remain one. On crazy days, he  does planking, owling and other oddities. Currently, he’s running the Manila online operations of an Internet company. He currently shares his rants, raves and musing at  You can also follow him Twitter @erwinoliva.

Gail Rae Javier, a multimedia artist-slash-writer, believes that touching other people’s lives is her greatest art project. She’s working for as a Production Specialist. Her random musings can be found at Oh Yes, It’s G!

Jesse Pizarro is a community newspaper writer based in Davao City. He also contributes for print magazines Our Mindanao and M. He blogs about Chun-Li, the thoughts that run around his head, and stories that didn’t make it to print at Planet Crap.


Kirsten Han is a blogger and multi-tasker who is interested in human rights issues because she likes humans. On top of social issues, she also likes to travel and take photographs. She blogs at funny little world.


Chayanin Wipusanawan, aka Paan, is an economics student who is interested in economics, but not really the economy. A novice photographer and part-time Twitter-er, he blogs at, although primarily in Thai.


Stoney Chenal (Bin) is a young do-er on youth development and sustainability whose philosophy is all about creating changes. She pays a great attention to connected conversations that bring people together to learn, to share and to collaborate. Always living in both sides, she also enjoys humans as lonely creatures. She works at Challenge to Change, blogs at Flowing Writer and is the founder of Vietnam’s Youth 2 Debate.

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