We want SEA Youth Say So to be about a variety of topics from the region, and so we started different categories for different sorts of articles. This list is by not means complete; if you have any suggestions for topics feel free to let us know!


How do people speak in your country? What is your traditional dance like? The Culture section is for you to talk about the way people behave and see things in your society.

See articles from Culture here.

People & Places

Did you interview someone from your community? Or have you been to a place you would like to recommend? People & Places highlights interesting individual and locations around SEA.

See articles from People & Places here.

Politics & Current Affairs

What’s the most controversial topic in your country right now? Is there an elections going on? Politics & Current Affairs is a space for your to give you opinion on socio-political issues in your country.

See articles from Politics & Current Affairs here.

The Random!

Have something fun to share that doesn’t really seem to belong anywhere? The Random! is just the place.

See articles from The Random! here.

Thoughts From…

Have an opinion about a general issue? Thoughts From… is the place for people to post their views on things that do not specifically fall into the other categories.

See articles from Thoughts From… here.

What’s Happening?

Is there a concert coming up? A film festival? Or maybe even a protest march? What’s Happening? is a place for us to talk about upcoming events, campaigns or programs happening in our countries.

See articles from What’s Happening? here.

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