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Cambodian Traditional Food

September 24, 2011


Written by Chân Sovannara Since the culture of Cambodia and her neighbor countries including Thailand, Lao and Vietnam are similar, many things are extracted from one another. Cambodian food is also confused with the appearance of food from neighbouring countries. “Seen from the outside of Cambodian food without observation, Cambodian dishes are confused as Laos, […]

Just Can’t Get Enough: Pastilan sa Ponce

September 21, 2011


Written by Jesse Pizarro Boga This article was first published in Our Mindanao.  Many fancy restaurants and eye-candy fast food joints have come and gone in this city’s malls and streets in an attempt to please the palate of Davaoeños. They, after all, have discriminating taste when it comes to food. Some attempts of these food places were […]

Dian Inggrawati Soebangil, Second Runner-Up at Miss Deaf World 2011

September 18, 2011


Written by Kirsten Han While many around the world are still buzzing over the recent Miss Universe 2011, how many of us were aware of Miss Deaf World, which took place in Prague in July this year? This pageant, organised for and in support of deaf women all over the world, is in its 11th […]

Nature Dances from the Land of Sikerei

September 13, 2011


Written by Kinanti Desyva Aloita? In Mentawai, it means, “How do you do?” Yes, I learned some Mentawai language while I was traveling in West Sumatra and the Mentawai archipelago last year. That day, October 6th 2010, I visited a primitive colony to see the daily life of Sikerei in Mentawai. Sikerei refers to people who […]

Davao Readers Haven

September 7, 2011


Written by Jesse Pizarro Boga Images by Bam Baraguir of Mindanao Times This article was first published in Our Mindanao.  Technology offers us the opportunity to read books via electronic devices like Kindle and iPad, but we readers would still prefer reading something we can touch, smell, and even tear. Futuristic books are not yet quite ready […]

Apply for the Sarus Exchange Program

September 6, 2011


“We want to create friendships and increase understanding between Cambodians and Vietnamese. We want common ground to be discovered. We want students to build the bridge, cross the river, and explore the other side with an open mind. And with that, if we can encourage leadership skills, broaden knowledge of both countries, nurture English language […]

Teaching Burmese refugees in Malaysia

August 30, 2011


Written by Soon Chen Images from UNHCR Malaysia  Yesterday I said mingalaba, a greeting phrase I learnt from my fellow camper Harry, to my Myanmar refugee students. I remember how it was when I first stepped foot into a low-cost flat at the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur where the students gather every night for English and music […]