About Us

South East Asia (SEA) is an incredibly diverse region. Different languages, cultures and religions co-exist with one another every single day. Things are constantly moving, constantly changing. And young people are right in the middle of it.

Just like in all other parts of the world, youth in SEA are getting engaged, finding ways to contribute to their countries, to stand for social change and be more aware of the world. And have fun on top of that.

SEA Youth Says So is a blog that seeks to pool the talent, passion and skills of young people (as well as the “young at heart”) all over the region. We want to learn from each other through collaboration, as well as provide those from outside SEA with a glimpse into this part of the world.

In this blog you will find posts on a wide range of topics: from serious social issues affecting our countries to where you might be able to find the best food. We bring you our perspective of things that are going on in SEA, while providing you with local tips on where to visit and what to do.

So come join us on this journey to learn and discover this amazing corner of the world!

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