Awkward Fail Singaporean Videos

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Over the years various Singaporean groups (often the government themselves) have tried to reach out to the masses by way of pop culture, in an effort to connect and look cool. These efforts are often very hit and miss. Here are some of the most awkward misses we’ve seen.

The SARS outbreak in Asia was bad, so bad that schools had to shut down for a few weeks so as to control the outbreak of this contagious virus.

Health warnings were all over the place, and everyone did their best to shy away from crowded places (not easy when you’re in a city as densely populated as Singapore).
To help spread the message of vigilance, hygiene and health, the government recruited one of Singapore’s most well-known comedic characters, construction contractor Phua Chu Kang (played by Gurmit Singh). In the SARvivor Rap, PCK tells us all how to take care of ourselves and avoid getting infected by SARS.

In 2007, the senior management of Singapore’s Media Development Authority (MDA) made this rap video as their annual corporate video. The song/rap features most — if not all — members of the MDA’s senior management, and went viral upon it’s release, not because everyone was so impressed, but because people couldn’t believe this was actually happening.

Totally awkward.

During the recession, someone in the government came up with the song Upturn the Downturn to strengthen morale.

But it just made us want to upchuck our dinners.
Despite having to give up her Miss Singapore World crown after she was discovered to have been involved in credit card fraud, Ris Low went on to become something of a celebrity in Singapore, and was featured in the following video teaching people about safe sex.

Every guy I’ve known to have watched this video came away deeply traumatised. Especially after seeing what she did to that banana.
To be fair, the following video wasn’t so much of an awkward fail as it was just annoying.

Employing popular trio Dim Sum Dollies, the Land Transport Authority came up with the Love Your Ride campaign to promote good manners on public transport. This jingle was just one of a series.
Personal observations suggested that the jingles tended to fuel more commuter rage, but apparently it worked for some.

2011’s National Day Parade was widely discussed long before the actual day, thanks to the Funpack Song which was played during the previews.

The song, to the tune of Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance, describes — you guessed right — the content of the funpacks (i.e. goodie bags) given out during the parade.
When first released on YouTube, the song attracted TONS of comments. It had to be cut from the actual parade because it later came out that the organisers never got the appropriate rights to do what they did to the song.
Funnily enough, Lady Gaga actually visited Singapore during this uproar, but reporters weren’t allowed to ask her about what she thought. Apparently she thought it was “great”, but maybe she was just being polite.
(The song was officially removed from YouTube, but someone had already made this animation to go along with it.)

What other Awkward Fail songs have you seen? Suggest them here!

Edited following suggestions:

The following was a song meant to get Singaporeans excited about the otherwise unpopular Youth Olympic Games.

Not sure it worked. #totallyawkward