Apply for the Sarus Exchange Program

Posted on September 6, 2011 by


“We want to create friendships and increase understanding between Cambodians and Vietnamese. We want common ground to be discovered. We want students to build the bridge, cross the river, and explore the other side with an open mind. And with that, if we can encourage leadership skills, broaden knowledge of both countries, nurture English language abilities, and have fun doing it, then we’ve done our job.”
– Sarus Exchange Program 

The Sarus Crane is a bird that can often be found in the wetlands of both Vietnam and Cambodia, travelling between the two countries. It is the namesake of the Sarus Exchange Program, which is open for applications.

Aiming to “create friendships and increase understanding between Cambodian and Vietnamese” university students, the Sarus Exchange Program picks 10 students from each country every July to spend four weeks working with disadvantaged children in Cambodia and Vietnam. With an emphasis on experiential education and service learning, Sarus seeks to expose participants to a different culture and history, as well as introduce them to the benefits of volunteering.

Interested applicants and can find more information on Sarus’ website here.