A Bubblin’ Idea

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Kirsten Han –

There wasn’t an “EUREKA!” moment. This idea crept up on me like a ninja in the dark, and once it took hold I couldn’t shake it off. What if we had a blog, run and powered by youth from the region, covering a whole range of topics and events?

To be honest, I haven’t got too much further beyond this idea. I have no idea if this is going to work. There are no guarantees; it could just fail and fall flat on its face. But it could also become the best thing ever. That’s the beauty of it.

It’s all part of being young, after all – just getting out there and doing stuff, just to see what will happen.

The Plan

So, the idea is to develop an online magazine with contributors from all over South East Asia, covering topics from current affairs all the way to lifestyle and fun randomness. We’re not a news organisation, and we’re not going to try to compete with the big news portals. We just want to showcase Southeast Asia from a youth perspective, sharing our region with the world as well as learning from each other.

In this blog we can write about what the hot-button issues in our countries are, update each other on events, share photographs, give travel tips and recommend places to visit. We can talk about anything from serious social issues all the way to frivolous fashion tips.

By so doing, anyone who visits this blog is essentially getting a glimpse of South East Asia, through the eyes of its young people.

The Execution

Well, we’ve got a WordPress account now. That’s a start.

We’re also recruiting interested, committed contributors who would like to write about their SEA experiences and about their countries. So far we have people from Singapore, the Philippines and Cambodia.

Contact us if you want to join the cool kids.

And that’s it, really. Right now, this is pretty much just an experiment, to see if we can get something going just with youth power.

Here goes nothing!

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